Available Tropical House for RENT and Suitable for Expats in Kemang Barat.

House for rent in Kemang Barat Suitable for Expats, Very strategic location, covering an area of ​​741 M2.

Kemang was originally a village, a village that has now been transformed into an expatriate area and is already popular internationally.
Since 1970 the Kemang area has developed into an area with many commercial areas and hangouts.
The Kemang area was also identical to the Betawi village in the beginning but now there are many migrants such as expatriates who like the area here.
Kemang comes from the word kemang fruit such as mango, Mangifera Kemanga.
The Kemang area also holds festivals and usually once / twice a year since 2001.

If the festival takes place usually the road to Kemang Raya will be free of motorized vehicles, and the road body will be used to display goods sold.
As for the types of various kinds of merchandise such as souvenirs of local community souvenirs, clothing and food that are made at home. Also sometimes from the hotel in Kemang do exhibitions of handicrafts, Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design / ICAD.

Kemang area has many commercial areas, supermarkets imported goods, also cafes, night clubs, salons, restaurants and others, as well as housing, offices, banking services including international schools.
The original Kemang village area is still here and is rather deep compared to the many residential and apartment buildings that have sprung up in this area. Here there seems to be a mixture of indigenous people and expatriates living in the Kemang area.

There are many mosques here with traditional Javanese architecture.
The beautiful green and lush nature of Kemang invites expatriates to love the Kemang area.
The road that leads to the settlement is not too wide enough for 2 cars to pass each other, and the terrain is still curling and uphill.
In this Kemang Barat flood free area, it is very strategic heading in all directions in South Jakarta.
Kemang is a golden triangle area of ​​Jakarta because of its strategic location towards the city center and much favored by expatriates.

This makes for more efficient mileage to offices and commercial centers around the capital.

Since 1998 the Kemang area has been designated from housing to commercial areas by the then Governor of DKI Jakarta, Mr Sutiyoso.
This plan is already in the 1985 to 2005 Jakarta master plan.
And the Kemang area became known as a modern village, with a commercial area where many retail businesses are nearby.
Traffic then rapidly develops around this area and traffic jams often occur in this region.
However, making Kemang a center of activity that is dense both economically and residential areas here.

If you are an expatriate looking for a place to stay in the Kemang Barat area in a tropical style, we are ready to rent for you.
There is a mini private swimming pool, directly accessible from your bedroom or from the family room, comfortable air circulation.

Rumah Kemang
View to Swimming-Pool
kemang barat
Mini Swimming-Pool
kemang barat
Spacious Terrace

This 2-storey house with an area of ​​741 m2 is equipped with 4 bedrooms and air conditioning, a family room, a garage for 2 cars inside, a green and spacious terrace in front of the entrance.
The room inside is very roomy and not many screens make children free to play in the house.
Furniture has more shades of wood, very natural.
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